Geneva Peace Platform – OSI – UN – Geneva, Dec 12-16, 2016


Geneva Dec 20 and (Winter) EQUINOX Dec 21

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Contributions and Challenges for Peace and Development

for Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences and Fab Labs

Pia Viviani

deputy director citizen science,

Foundation Science et Cité

Representative of Tous Scientifiques

Representative of ECSA

Heiner Benking

Independent Journalist and Facilitator,

ECSA Advisory Board Member and

Technology and Policy Board Member

Delegate of OSI to ECSA

FORMAT after the 5 minute “pitches”:

Sharing Seeds and Magic Roundtables: (Invitation: Rules and Documentation)


Maybe also see 10001-Seeds of CHANGE-1001Actions for Dialog


Sharing Voices: Stories and Gifting and Empowering

what matters to reach peace, harmony, and awareness

OPEN SPACE Magic-Roundtables encounters since 20+ years

Timeline: (1995-2016) Article Sharing and Gifting in Traditional and Modern Times (earlier Spoons and Feathers Principle) was SEEDS of CHANGE as forthcoming in MOTHER PELICAN A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability in early 2017

Short Presentations - “pitches”: see these projects in 5 sections:

Sub-group 1

Citizen seismology: from risk awareness to risk reduction

Opisthobranch monitoring by citizen science in the Catalan coast

Expedition Muensterland A bridge from science to society and from the city to the Hinterland

Project Noah: Challenges of a worldwide platform for citizen science

Sub-group 2

Sciences shops et tiers-lieux de fabrication numérique au service du bien commun: conditions de naissance et de durabilité en Afrique

Project Discovery: Citizen science in video games

Glideways’: An innovative approach to delivering connectivity conservation in the Great Eastern Ranges

Making waves: building the legitimacy of marine citizen science for data applications

Sub-group 3

Making waves: building the legitimacy of marine citizen science for data applications

Phenoclim: Participatory science at the heart of the dialogue between researchers and societies

Sub-group 4

Citizen Science: Balancing civic engagement and scientific needs, conflict lines and potential solutions

Incorporating Volunteers Into Your Citizen Science Program

Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing in the US Government: Advancing Federal Programs and Partnerships YouTube:

The BookBoXX - A civic vocational training, community building and cultural and media heritage project YouTube:

Sub-group 5

The Open Seventeen Challenge - Crowdsourcing Sustainable Development

senseBox - the citizen science toolkit

Getting Serious About Citizen Science in Climate Research: From “Data Sampling” to “Co-Design”

THE WISDOM OF THE PEOPLE - see also 21st Century Agora

Socio-Ecological Development-Funding & “SDG - Leveraging Solutions” - Meaningful solutions that matter across scales, sectors and cultures/times.

See also presented “REEFS” exemplary Leverage Solutions (PDF)

Mother Pelican: SDG WIN WIN WIN projects and poster presentation.

The Swedish Mass Experiments – a Win-Win for Schools and Scientists

Networking for Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities from Sparkling Science

STEAM - an all encompassing approach to education

Stats Up Project: participatory Mapping to accomplish human scale to measure SDGs

MODERATION YNOPSIS and OUTLOOK after the pitches (each 5 minutes)

(by Heiner Benking):

Check also the SIDE EVENT: I and II at the end of this report


Side-Event I

Presentation for CYRUS RITCHIE re SPRING EQUINOX - March 20, 2017

John Knox International Reformed Center: Hostel - Hospitality and Resources Center

This Spring Equinox celebration in Geneva in 2011 might provide some idea about “what is next” Geneva 2017 and 2018.

full extract:

“A summary of the events of the week and an outlook for further events in Geneva in 2017 was presented to Cyril Ritchie, president of the John Knox International Reformed Center, a hospitality Center in the vicinity of the UNOU and Nicola Furey , Global Youth Conferences and Earth Focus Foundation.

The next EARTHDAY anniversary event is scheduled for March 20th 2017 in Geneva and takes place also elsewhere, not only around other UN centers around the globe.

Here you can find a report of the EARTH DAY EQUINOX Peacebell event in the Ariana Park at the UN Headquarter in Geneva 2011, ringing the Japanese Shinagawa Peace Bell and other events with John McConnell, Margaret Mead, Robert Muller, even in the beginning with Sithu U Thant in New York and Geneva, and later Vienna, Tokyo, Berlin, … over the decades under the umbrella of of the Earth Society Foundation and many others….”

Side Event II

“Another highlighted “side event” was an informal meetup with Michael Møller, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) at the opening of the exhibit “Geneve, sa gueule” by Sandrine Salerno, Conseillère administrative de la Ville de Genève. The exhibition highlights the diversity of the people in Geneva and is curated by, Ninian Hubert van Blijenburgh, Agenda 21 – Ville durable (A21). This attracted the participants of the OSI multi-symposia and delayed the schedule of the last day. Good facilitators learn to juggle with the unexpected to return to a planned events’ agenda.”